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What It Means to Be “Windstorm Ready”

If you live or work in an area generally east of Highway 77 in the Coastal Bend area of Texas, you are likely in a designated “Windstorm Zone”. What does that mean?

The Texas Insurance Code authorizes the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA) to provide hail and windstorm insurance in this area, and you are designated by your location as either Seaward (of the Intercoastal Waterway), Inland I (adjoining the coast) and Inland II (inland from the coast but still in a highly windstorm prone area).

The Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) requires that any structure built or modified in this area be built under certain building codes and/or have your structure designed by a windstorm engineer, and be inspected and certified by a qualified inspector per the TDI guidelines.

The requirements for windstorm and hail insurance coverage apply only to structures located in areas designated as a “catastrophe area” by the Commissioner of the TDI. In our region, the current designated “catastrophe areas” are confined to a 5 county area called the “Coastal Bend” of Texas.



This Windstorm Design, Inspection and Certification process is as follows:

To learn more, here is link to the Texas Department of Insurance Website that defines this process in much greater detail:


Our professionals at WindShore Engineer, LLC are expert at all things Windstorm. We specialize in this very exacting science, code and process to be sure you are ready… Before the Storm.

So call us today to find out what it will takes to be Windstorm Ready, and gain the peace of mind that only comes from expert preparation.

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